The Coil Sponge
The Coil Sponge

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Naturthentic’s Coil Sponge is an amazing new styling tool that transforms medium to full-length natural hair into beautiful, soft coils in seconds. This new styling technique also stimulates the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. The Coil Sponge offers two different coil-size options. The smaller holes for shorter hair and larger holes for longer hair. The Coil Sponge is in a convenient amber compact traveling case.
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Directions: First massage Joy of Coils Styling Conditioner into a damp sponge. Gently rub the damp Coil Sponge over moist or dry hair in small circular motions (left to right) to instantly create soft, beautiful coils in seconds. Coil definition varies based on hair texture and length. Mist after styling with Intense Moisture & Glossing Mist for a healthy, radiant finish.

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Coil Sponge: